Lubi Breitfuss, was born 1970 in Brenzo, Slovakia and lives in Austria since 1991. Her first pictures appeared in 1998 and she lives as a free-lance artist in Seekirchen (Salzburg) since 2002.

The focus of her artistic work contains painting, sculpture, installation, which is more or less that which is anchored in the painting tradition. In recent years she regularly took part on the International Summer Academy for fine arts, so for example in 2004 with the Zhou Brothers or 2005 with Professor Watts Quattara.

In 2006 she moved to Professor Hermann Nitsch at the Art Academy Weiergut (theme Action Painting). Solo and collective exhibitions in inland and foreign countries - and so 35 pictures can be found alone in the ART-Hotel Cortisen on the Lake (Lake Wolfgang), due to the engagement of the proprietor Roland Ballner which makes the artist known outside the region.

Summeracadamy & Joined Exhibits

Exhibits & Collections

The works of Lubi Breitfuss can be seen in various public places in Salzburg, as well as within private collections in Übersee, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Austria, Slovakia and India.

  • 2015 Project Winery Wang Wachau - 90 m2 acoustic ceiling canvas
  • 2014 Wien - Vienna Twin Towers Vernissage - ThirtyFive
  • 2013 Rathaus Salzubrg
  • 2012 Dubai Mall Medical Center 2 Monate Einzelausstellung
  • Permanent Exhibition at Hotel Cortisen always accessible
  • 2010 Galerie Frauenhilfe Salzburg
  • 2009 Ausstellung "Seminar Hotel Brunauer", Salzburg Stadt
  • 2008 Ausstellung "Quo Vadis", The Car, Obertrum
  • 2006 Galerie Weiergut - Gemeinschaftsausstellung Malklasse Prof. Nitsch
  • 2006 Garagen-Galerie der Stadt Salzburg "Kunst im Berg"
  • 2006 Schloss Halbturn "Die Schätze der Neuen" - Gemeinschaftsausstellung der neuen EU-Länder
  • 2005 Münchsberg Garagen-Galerie der Stadt Salzburg
  • 2005 Alte Saline, Hallein - Ausstellung der Klasse Prof. Watts Quattara
  • 2005 Galerie Alcatraz, Hallein
  • 2005 T-Galerie, Bratislava
  • 2005 Kulturhaus Bezirk Ruzinov, Bratislava
  • 2005 Galerie Esplanade, Bad Ischl
  • 2004 Deutsch-Villa, Strobl a. Wolfgangsee
  • 2004 Galerie Alcatraz, Hallein - Abschlussauststellung /Klasse Zhou Brothers / int. Somerakademie.
  • 2004 Galerie des Stadtamtes Seekirchen
  • 2004 Gewölbekeller der Privatbrauerei Sigl